Love Conflict


Born and raised in the States, Lisa has been living in Argentina for a few years, mostly because her 2 best friends live there also. But one day, random events will create between her and Nicole, her very best friend, an obstacle that could cost them their friendship…

The iOS Mod’Art story digital book “LOVE CONFLICT”, at the crossroads between a Photography book, the universe of the Comics and a Novel, with a strong pop art influence, is considered a unique experience in the world of entertainment. Created with a mix of collages and modified pictures, Love Conflict is the first ‘ModArtNovel’ ever published!

Filled with sensuality, love, fantasy, passion, romance, humour and quid pro quos, it drags the reader into an intrigue that only finds its denouement within the last seconds of the story.


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Supported Devices 

  • All Apple smartphones and tablets
  • All Android smartphones and tablets



  • No internet connection required
  • No Facebook login required