Do you write stories, draw cool stuffs, and would like to share your fantasy world and bring other people to your magical places?

Is it a comic that no traditional publisher would even consider? An educative app that change the way to learn things? A graphic novel mixing a thriller scenario and an alien love story? An adventure for kids with a sweet learning system? A quiz about micro-organisms? Something new, different and probably a bit weird? Well, it already sounds interesting to us!

We provide code, publishing keys, and marketing. You just need to come with your original content, and we take care of the rest.



From the concept of your product to the code, the scenario to the user interaction, the marketing strategy to the localization, the art direction to the quality assurance, the submission to app Stores app and reviewers, and the few other thousand things that you need to think of when you get your application out there, we provide all the services that you need to publish fast and simple.

In fact, Deadpan Dodo might just be the partner you absolutely need to publish your creation on the mobile markets.



Well, we believe in you, so nobody pays anything. You don't pay anything. We don't pay anything. Instead, we produce together.

We discuss the project, you send us your original content, we integrate it, we test the concept until it meets our 100% bug-free standards, and finally we all make sure that the product gets the right exposure.

What you bring stays yours. What we bring stays ours.

The idea is simple : Your success is our success. We work together. We succeed together. We share benefits equally.